Tender Documentation

Client Benefit: Advise the Client on the most appropriate type of documentation and procurement route for the proposed scheme, to minimize any potential dispute and efficient administration of the contract.

Scope of Service: Tender documentation can vary greatly depending upon the nature of the scheme. The type of tender documentation selected will depend upon the best procurement route for a particular scheme.

Roach Hunt Partnership will ascertain from a Client as to which of COST, TIME or QUALITY takes precedence on a scheme. This information will form part of the decision process as to the best selection of tender documentation and procurement route for a Scheme.

All aspects of Tender Documentation are provided to enable the Client to obtain the best outcome for the proposed scheme.

The service includes preliminary letters of enquiry, selection of appropriate tender documentation, Bills of Quantities, Specifications/Schedule of Works, Design and Build Contract Sum Analysis, Forms of Tender.

The tender documentation will include all details of the Form of Contract, Contract Conditions and information relevant to the scheme.

Tender documentation provided can be in the form of one of the following:

  • Bills of Quantities
  • Schedules of Works
  • Plan and Specifications
  • Design and Build
For further information on the above, please contact our office.